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• Presentations at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Entomological Societies of Canada and Quebec

The Joint Annual Meeting took place in Montreal the 8th to the 11th of November. Four lab members presented their work.

Pedro Paulo Castro-Grillo, an undergraduate student in his last year, presented a poster on his work on hickory Phylloxera. You can view his poster on line: Poster_Phylloxera_Jam_2015.

Thomas Théry presented the results of the first chapter of his PhD thesis: Multiple introductions of the Monterey pine aphid, Essigella california (Essig, 1909).

Étienne Normandin, Manager of the Ouellet-Robert Entomological Collection, presented recent work in the collection, especially regarding a specimen inventory and a quantitative conservation profile of the collection. He also took the opportunity to present other activities, including his work on a new guide to the insects of Quebec: Thinking differently for insect collections: Profiling data, inventory, and outreach projects.

Colin Favret helped with the organization of the meeting, participating on the scientific committee, and co-organizing a symposium, “Arthropodod biodiversity informatics in the Anthropocene”. During the symposium, he presented his work on machine vision insect identification:Increased taxon sample and dataset size in automated insect identification.

• The enigmatic organ that makes the springtail a collembolan

Entomology Today published a nice blog featuring our new paper on the function of the springtail’s collophore. It featured a collaboration with the USDA and an undergraduate student author.

• Étienne Normandin: Collection manager

We have recruited Étienne Normandin to be the manager of the Ouellet-Robert collection. Welcome Étienne! Send him your congratulations: qmor.umontreal@gmail.com

• A nice exposé of the lab in the student journal

The «ARNmessager» is a biology student journal. They published a very nice exposé of the Favret Lab and the insect collection. (in French)

• Mylène wins the IRBV photo contest

Undergrad honors student Mylène Durant won first prize in the IRBV photo contest (December 2014). Her picture features some of the organisms in her study, the ant Formica glacialis tending the aphid Aphis fabae. In the photo they are located on Borago officinalis.