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• MSc scholarship offer: weevil temporal diversity in Panama

Project description
• From 1999 to 2017, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Barro Colorado Island Biodiversity Research Center in Panama, adjacent to a tropical forest plot established in 1982 for the study of forest evolution, ten Malaise traps systematically captured around 15,000 weevil specimens (family Curculionidae) representing 1,350 species. Specimens were identified by a weevil specialist.
• This computational project will analyze temporal changes in weevil diversity in relation to environmental (mainly climatic) and vegetation changes. The sheer volume of data from the three datasets (insects, plants, meteorology) makes this a project of the highest scientific calibre.
• The person recruited will be supervised by entomologist Colin Favret and numerical ecologist Pierre Legendre, with the participation of tropical beetle specialist Hector Barrios Velazco.

Eligibility requirements
• Interest in computational analysis of biodiversity data and experience in entomology
• University degree (B.Sc. or equivalent)
• Good oral and written communication skills
We encourage women, LGBTQ+, aboriginal, individuals of all backgrounds, or with a disability, to apply.

• $15,000/year scholarship for 2 years
• Additional financial support available (teaching assistantships, scholarships)
• Flexible working conditions (flexible hours, remote work)
• Wonderful work environment: entomology lab on the grounds of the Montreal Botanical Garden; supportive team of friendly colleagues

• Evaluation of applications will begin in November 2023, but applications will be considered until the right candidate is recruited.
• The study program will last two years, starting in the 2024 winter or summer term.

How to apply
• Please send (1) a cover letter, (2) your CV, (3) your transcript (photocopy acceptable), and (4) the names and contact details of two references, to: Colin Favret, colin.favret@umontreal.ca.