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Biodiversity 2

BIO1434 «Biodiversité 2»

Taught during the winter semester, this is the second of a two-course series on biodiversity. In the fall, «Biodiversité 1» covers prokaryotes, single-cell eukaryotes, and fungi in the first half, and plants in the second half. During the winter session, Colin covers the invertebrates during the first half of «Biodiversité 2» whereas the vertebrates are covered by another teacher in the second half. This course enrolls close to 200 students each year, many enrolled in departments in the Faculty of Medicine. A laboratory section complements the weekly lectures.

Colin intersperses his lectures with topical videos and other engaging material. He has also incorporated the use of Twitter® to promote interactions. You can follow the course (#BIO1434) or the professor (@Prof_BIO1434).

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